An organization with  experience in Integrated Facility Management with clients across India and internationally . We manage services in various segments like 5 star classified Hotels and Hospitality units, International Airports, large scale Healthcare Institutes, Corporates and other sectors . This makes us capable to deliver the best through a comprehensive 4M model of Services & ensures there is complete adherence to delivery in terms of quality levels and Man Management.

With technical and financial expertise from Singapore, Malaysia and India and with operations in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad & Kolkata, this organization is set to create new benchmarks of standards in the industry.

StanWorth is expanding it horizons as part of the strategic business plans to establish with clientele in Srilanka, Indonesia and other countries too.

Code of ethics


Our DifferentiatorsQuality procedures4M ModelGreen EconomicsCompliancesSafetyOur Team

StanWorth believes in continuous responsibility towards standards and the delivery of every component which integrates together to form a high level of Quality Matrix. We have expertise of handling hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, manufacturing units, IT/ITES which is strengthened with additional structure of international experience and support.

The work practices at StanWorth are defined by the qualitative indexes set for the Good Quality Services .The Team led by professionals who come from diverse backgrounds to form an unit, continuously work towards the delivery and sustenance of these standards.

lensnewOur Quality procedures and deliveries
– we believe in taking complete responsibility for the quality services module association with our customers. Hence we have no sub – contracting of services of manpower.

– it also translates into cost benefits to the customer.


Comprehensive 4M model of services  – which is a combination of service delivery points of men,  machines, materials and management and a cost benefit to our customer.

  • Our workforce undergoes  various levels of training, which incorporates development of skills in both technical upgradation & behavioural attributes of our work force through a well-established Learning Needs Analysis.
  • We invest into equipments & tools which are technologically advanced, thereby creating a leaner deployment and enabling automated cleaning procedures.

ic-ecoGreen economics
– as an organisation we are committed to the environment safety principles.

  • We enable our contribution to minimising carbon footprint as a quality conscious organisation by usage of bio- enzymatic cleaning agents and products which are compliant to Green Seal or FDA regulations.
  • The training to the team integrates this principle to environment safety and preservations methodologies

complianceStatutory compliances
– We are accountable to our employees, our customers and so we ensure complete adherences to all parameters of statutory and government regulations.

– this also helps our employees to have updated welfare scheme benefits for themselves & their benefits .

ic-safetySafety protocols –   implementation of safety regulations for employees , the surfaces we take care of and for our customers through safe practices forms the basis for all tasks we undertake. Along with identification of safety concerns and continuous training , this is one of the foundation principles for operating procedures and systems advocated by our organisation.


StanWorth’s team is a group of professionals with over 2 decades of cumulative experience with varied segments of the Hospitality & IFMS services . This group with national and international resources have pooled in their skills together to create and grow an organization which has strong ethical systems, and respect for the standard and operating procedures with absolute focus on the importance of service deliveries – termed by us as Good Quality Service (GQS).

The value enhancers to the collective set of experiences and skills that this team of individuals hold are the — Passion for every detail in the work we do … Commitment and affirmation to the standards and systems which define the company .. Dedicated, result oriented & a zeal for continuous improvement of self and organization .. Accountability and ownership so that there is belonging to the company and its values.